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Mediation Services


Providing Mediation services in Arizona, Minnesota and nationally.


Mediation is the most common and popular way to resolve disputes, including lawsuits.  I have mediated hundreds of cases involving thousands of different claims in twelve states and the District of Columbia.  Generally my cases involve personal injury claims arising from medical negligence claims, product liability accidents, automobile crashes, or food borne illnesses, but have also been business disputes.  Originally a defense lawyer, and later in my career a trial specialist representing injured parties, I bring a bipartisan viewpoint to mediations.  As a thirty-eight year trial veteran, I have been involved in mediations on behalf of my clients before mediators all over the country.  This too has given me a perspective to “step into the shoes” of lawyers and clients on either side of a dispute.  I believe that mediations are successful because participants choose the outcome of the dispute, and I have never forced a result on any party.  Cases I have resolved have involved very little money, and tens of millions of dollars.  I am flexible, and will mediate in my offices in the Twin Cities, with four locations, including the IDS Center, or in other offices around the country. 



What is Mediation? 


Mediation is the name of the process in which parties to a dispute meet with a third party neutral who attempts to help them resolve their dispute.  It is used for family law in determining custody and property issues, it is used to resolve disputes among senior citizens, labor and management, international diplomacy, neighborhood disputes, and just about any other way two or more parties have a problem they cannot resolve by themselves.   Studies have proven that the mediation process is very popular with participants since it is completely non-threatening and nothing is resolved without the consent of the participants.  It has also proven highly  successful, with settlement rates thought to be in the area of 90% or more.  Mediation differs from arbitration in that it is a voluntary process that seeks to get participants to come to an agreement to resolve their dispute.  Arbitration, on the other hand, is more like a lawsuit in that a decision is made by the arbitrator(s) and there may  be a winner and a loser.  In mediation, there are no winners or losers, but rather people come away with an agreement to settle their issues.

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