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Arbitration Services


Providing Aribtration serives in Arizona, Minnesota and nationally. 


Arbitration Services:  While serving as an arbitrator, I am required to make a decision to determine disputes brought before me, much like a judge.  My background is a bit unique in that I have served as a neutral arbitrator in a panel of three, and I have also been chosen by both defendants and plaintiffs.  On occasion I have also served as a sole mediator, making decisions by myself.  In general, arbitrations prove to be faster, more economical, and more confidential than trials, but nonetheless give the parties a decision in their dispute.


What is arbitration? 


Arbitration is a process set up by agreement of the parties to take their dispute before a chosen person or persons to serve as judge to determine their dispute.  It is often a contractual provision to allow for disputes to be resolved outside the courtroom, should one arise.  It is almost always faster than the trial process, involves far less discovery (pretrial preparation), can remain completely confidential, and involves no jury.  Arbitrations can be set up to be governed by federal rules, state rules, or any other rules that the parties can agree upon.  The schedule is much more flexible than those encountered in court.  For all of these reasons, arbitrations are a popular and growing means of resolving legal disputes that would otherwise end up in the courtroom.

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